Related Content
by Graham May


Retrieves a weighted array of similar content based on a configurable set of taxonomies and fields. Also has the ability to combine with a manual related content selection field.

Reading the README on the github repo is recommended.

More Info

3rd Mar 2017
Latest Version(s)
  • 1.0 (Bolt v3+)
Last Update
  • 3rd March 2017 (Release)
  • 4th March 2017 (Development)

Changelog & Releases

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Taxonomy Editor


Le missing visual taxonomy editor for Bolt CMS. This plugin will read your `taxonomy.yml` config file, and present you with an interface to edit the `options:` value. The rest of your taxonomy.yml file will remain untouched, please use this as normal. This plugin may change the YAML syntax of your taxonomy.yml file, but it is still outputting valid YAML - it's just the syntax the parser has decided to use for the content it is outputting.

Taxonomy select field


This extension adds a new field type of `taxonomylist`. This works in the same way as a select field, however you can select taxonomy terms.

Conditional Fields


This extension allows you to add a condition: array to fields, repeater sub-fields and taxonomies. See the git README for a full list of config options. If no fields are visible on a group (tab) then the group's tab will be hidden. The tab will be shown again if a field inside it is shown.