TinyPNG For Bolt
by Cory Dowdy



A Bolt Extension to optimize your images located in your files directory using the TinyPNG and TinyJPG API. You can also upload, resize and optimize images to a specific size

You'll need to get a free account and API Key to use this from https://tinypng.com/developers

A free account lets you compress 500 images a month.

Panda image By Creative Tail https://www.creativetail.com/40-free-flat-animal-icons/ [CC BY 4.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0)]

More Info

28th Feb 2017
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  • 8th October 2018 (Release)
  • 10th October 2018 (Development)

Changelog & Releases

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Bolt Responsive Images


Responsive Image Extension for Bolt. Using picturefill and img srcset



A Bolt Extension using TypeKit's Webfont loader to load fonts from a Font Service or your own Stylesheet.

Link2Section Twig Filter


A Bolt Twig Filter that turns headings into links to easily link and share certain sections of a post, article, blog etc. using this: <h1 id="theID"> {{ record.title|l2s('theID') }} </h1> Will give you: <h1 id="theID"> <a href="#theID">Record Title</a> </h1>

Bolt Better Thumbs


Bolt extension for thumbnails that gives you responsive images using srcset by default. Thumbnail URL's are also signed so unwanted image manipulations cannot be made. Can also delete all or a single image from the cache. You can also change: * Brightness, contrast, gamma or sharpness * Image Format (PNG, JPG, GIF, Progressive Jpg) * Image quality * Add Filters ( sepia, greyscale) * Pixelate or Blur an image * Add a Watermarks And lots more! Open the screenshots in another tab to see the full size image and effects/corrections better. See https://corydowdy.com/demo/bolt-betterthumbs for live usage examples

HTML5 Videos


A Bolt Extension to add local (as in videos found in your sites /files/ directory) or your own CDN hosted HTML5 Videos to your twig templates or Webm/Mp4 for gif like animations. Has support for all HTML5 video attributes, captions and subtitles. Version 2.x has a custom field that allows you to preview your videos as you edit or create your contentType. You'll need to edit your twig templates if you're using the previous versions (1.x.x) filelist type. If you're using template over-rides you'll also need to remove the old config settings that are no longer used if you use them. See the extensions readme Upgrade section for more information. For a demo see: https://corydowdy.com/demo/bolt-html5-videos