Password protect for pages
by Bob den Otter


The "PasswordProtect extension" is a small extension that allows you to password protect one or more of your pages with a password. People who do not yet have access will automatically be redirected to a page, where they will be asked to provide the password.

Note: This 'protection' should not be considered 'secure'. The password will be sent over the internet in plain text, so it can be intercepted if people use it on a public WiFi network, or something like that.

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14th Mar 2017
Latest Version(s)
Last Update
  • 20th June 2018 (Release)
  • 25th October 2018 (Development)

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Bolt Base 2014 Theme


This is the default theme for Bolt. It is built with Foundation 5 and Sass, but you can use it as-is.

Quick Edit button


A nifty little extension to add a button to quickly edit any record in Bolt.

Simple embed for Twitter tweets


A simple extension to embed tweets from Twitter in your website. To use, simply copy the 'link to tweet', and put it in a {{ tweet() }} tag:

Bolt SEO extension


The Bolt SEO extension is an extension to help you improve the search engine indexing of your Bolt website. It does this by: - Allowing you to specify the SEO title and meta-description for your pages. - Adding meta tags to your HTML to facilitate indexing of your pages using meta tags and OG tags. - Override the canonical, if you really want to. - Set the -tag.

Basic template for a new Bolt theme based on Zurb Foundation for Sites 6.3 project.


Foundation for Bolt is a blank theme for Bolt, built on top of Zurb Foundation for sites 6. Foundation for Bolt comes with all of the great features that are found in the Zurb Foundation framework, and a few things more. Simply put, if it works in Foundation, it will work in Foundation for Bolt. You can use whatever you want – seriously. You can use Gulp, the Foundation CLI-tool, Codekit or nothing at all. It’s completely up to you how you decide to build your theme – Foundation for Bolt will stay out of your workflow as much as possible.

Simone theme


Simone is a responsive modern design theme. Simone's design is focused on typography and aims to put the content front and center. Fonts are large and clear and scale according to screen width.

Monthly and Yearly Archives


This extension allows your site to have 'monthly archives' or 'yearly archives', which are used often on blog-like websites.